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Member Application Format
« on: May 05, 2011, 02:17:27 am »
Here is the application format to become a member of The Fallen Legion

Here are the ranks of the server that you can choose from!

The Leader -
The Leader leads the server (DUH). He has full control on what is said, but relies on The Council for advice on decisions. He is an inspiration to all and is a proffesional at all skill

The Council -
The Council is the backbone of The Leader. They help and have say on decisions made throughout the clan. The Council also decides who we war or ally with.

The Elite -
The Elites are the fiercest warriors in the clan and do whatever The Leader or The Council asks. They destroy anything in their path and are feared by everyone. Don't get in the way of The Elite or i promise your death.

The Engineers -
The Engineers are the builders of the clan. They build numerous things or use their redstone knowledge to rig traps in multiple areas destroying massive amounts of players with just the hands of one person.

The Farmers -
The Farmers help grow trees and animals providing the basic supplies to the clan. They are experienced farmers and always take care of their plants/animals while giving a massive amount of their material to the clan.

The Excavators -
The Excavators help give supplies with their tools. They gather sand, stone, cobblestone and tons of other objects to help with constructing the server. Everyone relies on The Excavators to bring a massive amount of supplies daily.

The Assassins -
The Assassins are also scouters. They find bases and special supplies while also eliminating any threats without being seen/noticed.

The Discovered -
The Discovered are players who need to find their path. They create their own destiny, carving out their abilities while still learning.

In-game Name:





Why do you want to join the clan?

Did anyone send you here?

Do you have any suggestions for the clan?

Have you ever been banned? If so, why?

Tell us a few details about yourself.

Other info

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