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Applications / Re: Application
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Applications / Re: Application
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Applications / Re: Application
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Applications / Re: Application
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Introduction Board / Re: Introduction
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welcome! if you want you can upload some videos to our youtube account (MCFallenLegion)

Announcements / The Story of The Fallen Legion
« on: May 05, 2011, 04:29:02 am »
A man was in the forest murmuring the same sentence over again "its all my fault, its all my fault!" his name is Pokehunter a noble and wise leader, but he didn?t think of himself as one. He thought of himself as a fool, he rushed his army in without enough training and many were lost. You see he commanded an army years ago back and there is a noble tale that is told by many people about the great Pokehunter because of course, he was a great king. He would give them plenty of food, shelter, and supplies whenever they had no where else to go. But one day, a terribly foggy day, a black portal with a light purple centre was seen in the distance. It was barely recognizable, yet everyone knew what it was... a portal to the Nether. Their stomachs dropped and they all thought to themselves "Are we really ready?",but they all new Pokehunter would make the right decision in their hearts. Pokehunter decided to go into the Nether, it was dark but light from torches and glowing rocks in the distance opened up a path. They heard fiendish noises and even saw a...a...zombie pig man type thing? Because no one has ever been to the Nether, they were all terrified by the noises, shadows and monsters. After finally fighting their way their path ended. They finally came to it obsidian castle with lava pouring out the sides.

Then, a very evil and creepy laugh and then came a man he looked just like a normal man, but he had no pupils his eyes were just white and no name above his head how could this be? Then everyone's hearts stopped as they heard a faint whisper "Herobrine" in the darkness. It was Notch the minecraft god?s evil twin ?Herobrine?. Then spiders, skeletons, zombies, creepers, zombie pigmen and ghasts started appearing all around them. Pokehunter would not let this happen, he charged and killed towards two creepers, a spider, three zombies and barely injured a ghast with his swift moves. He turned towards Herobrine screaming as many of his men were being killed. He started swinging his iron sword at Herobrine, but he wasn?t quick enough. Herobrine spawned ten creepers then disappeared. the creepers blew up, but good thing Pokehunter brought some food but ..... not enough, he only had half a heart left. Some of the men fought their ways towards him and tried to get Pokehunter to the portal as fast as they could. When they were almost there the unthinkable happened, Herobrine appeared but no mobs spawned.... he was carrying a diamond sword. Two of the men ran up to defend their noble king while the other two dragged him into the portal just before Pokehunter was going to be pushed in, he whispered weakly to the men "I have failed you", they said "No you haven?t you gave us all we could ever ask as a leader and a friend?, then Pokehunter whispered again but even weaker "I will never forget you", and blacked out. He woke up a days later in the same spot he found the portal, but all that was left were two obsidian blocks.

Years later. after building shelter and getting food he was swept in a cursed life of only remembering his losses to the evil Herobrine, he would pray to Notch just to see his men once more to ask for forgiveness every night before he went to bed. Then once on a very sunny day he saw a scroll deep within a cave he found. It had mysterious words written faintly on it. He read it aloud and tried his best to say it right "sheine lok toum lanth", he murmured ?What a strange language?. then seconds later the ground shaking slightly Pokehunter yelled "Earthquake!?, but that wasn't it. The grass shaped into mysterious shapes "Almost like people" he thought. Seconds later, people stepped out of the grass but not ordinary people, his army from the Nether had risen by Notch. Then in a rough voice a knight said "What is your command my leader?" Pokehunter red eyed and tired looked up before his men and said aloud "The Fallen Legion.....our new name?". Now everyone will remember the day when the lonely king was united with the greatest army once again.

Credits to Jakp25 and Hodder99 for the story (I just edited it to make it gramattically correct and added more details)

Applications / Member Application Format
« on: May 05, 2011, 02:17:27 am »
Here is the application format to become a member of The Fallen Legion

Here are the ranks of the server that you can choose from!

The Leader -
The Leader leads the server (DUH). He has full control on what is said, but relies on The Council for advice on decisions. He is an inspiration to all and is a proffesional at all skill

The Council -
The Council is the backbone of The Leader. They help and have say on decisions made throughout the clan. The Council also decides who we war or ally with.

The Elite -
The Elites are the fiercest warriors in the clan and do whatever The Leader or The Council asks. They destroy anything in their path and are feared by everyone. Don't get in the way of The Elite or i promise your death.

The Engineers -
The Engineers are the builders of the clan. They build numerous things or use their redstone knowledge to rig traps in multiple areas destroying massive amounts of players with just the hands of one person.

The Farmers -
The Farmers help grow trees and animals providing the basic supplies to the clan. They are experienced farmers and always take care of their plants/animals while giving a massive amount of their material to the clan.

The Excavators -
The Excavators help give supplies with their tools. They gather sand, stone, cobblestone and tons of other objects to help with constructing the server. Everyone relies on The Excavators to bring a massive amount of supplies daily.

The Assassins -
The Assassins are also scouters. They find bases and special supplies while also eliminating any threats without being seen/noticed.

The Discovered -
The Discovered are players who need to find their path. They create their own destiny, carving out their abilities while still learning.

In-game Name:





Why do you want to join the clan?

Did anyone send you here?

Do you have any suggestions for the clan?

Have you ever been banned? If so, why?

Tell us a few details about yourself.

Other info

When posting an Administrator & Moderator Abuse form, please use this format. All other formats will be placed on hold until they are changed.

Your IGN:
Moderators or Administrators IGN:
Reason for abuse:

You must provide clear video or picture evidence to make this form eligible. Photoshoped pictures/videos will result in the banning of your Minecraft account and Website account.

Ban Appeal / Ban Appeal Format
« on: May 04, 2011, 03:56:48 am »
Use this format when posting a ban appeal. All other formats will be placed on hold until they are changed.

Your IGN:
Banning Admin:
Reason for unban:

Please put some time into your appeals. If we find you rushed your appeal, you clearly don't want to be here and your appeal will be denied. We do give second chances, but only to people who deserve them.

Ban Request / Ban Request Format
« on: May 04, 2011, 03:55:19 am »
Please use this format when making a ban request. All other formats will be placed on hold until they are fixed.

Your IGN:
Their IGN:
Proof(Clear Video/Picture):

You must have evidence of the person breaking a rule. If you are found photshoping a picture to frame someone, you will receive a permanent ban. Witnesses do not count as eligible proof.

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